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A huge and wonderful community

The NHS and the people who work in it are fantastic.

As a generalisation there’s no doubt about it.

It could be better in areas, but it could be a whole load worse.

As it stands the NHS is ranked as the best health service of any country in the world*. The huge expense is split between all of us and settled through our tax bill, and when correlated across to the millions and millions of people who use it free or nearly free of charge, and the millions of lives saved, it is on average considerably better value for money for us than pretty well any other country’s overall healthcare system. The total money spent provides a better overall service for the average person.

* The UK was judged the highest performing healthcare system in the western world in a report by the Commonwealth Fund in 2017

The Commonwealth Fund - graphic showing the relative strengths of countrys healthcare systems

For the individual prepared to spend their own money, however, then the large and active private healthcare system in the UK provides an extremely valuable service that often fills the inevitable gaps from a huge organisation trying to suit all comers.

This reference and news publication will cover both the excellent NHS, exploring what it offers and how, when and where to take advantage of all that it can help us with; and also the equivalent private services, outlining areas where the private sector can help fill the gaps. Perhaps it’s unusual care requests, speedier timetables, nicer, individual hospital rooms or perhaps just making available alternative options for those who don’t want to make themselves a burden on the NHS. For whatever reason there is a considerable demand for private care and no really easy way to compare what’s on offer. We hope to gradually fill that challenge. To clearly present the healthcare offerings provided by all services public and private, to help educate us about what’s out there and give us all a platform from which we can make the right choices.

We aim to provide easy to find reference material.
We will offer news and views covering the NHS and comparable private sector services.
And we will at times introduce and talk about exciting advances in healthcare whether it be in cures, process, medicines. technologies or new startups. Exploring the great ideas that may someday soon help us all.

We very much look forward to bringing you the news and views from the vibrant UK healthcare community.

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Above healthcare graphic image of countries' relative healthcare performance credit to the commonwealth fund (

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